Committee Response Survey

Thank you for expressing your interest in forming or serving on a Network Committee. To better assist in this process, please answer the questions below.

Description of Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Committee Chair
The Committee Chair is responsible for providing leadership and direction to committee members while recruiting new members. The Chair will provide monthly activity reports to the Board and manage the committee’s budget & will be responsible for organizing and promoting committee activities and events along with the committee members. The Chair will establish a mission for the committee that is aligned with the mission of The NETWORK.

Committee Member
A committee member is responsible for attending committee meetings while contributing skills & talent to the committee. Committee members are responsible for assisting the Committee Chair in organizing and promoting committee activities and events. Committee members are also responsible for recruiting new members.

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  1. What role would you like to serve on a committee?
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  2. Are you able to regularly attend monthly meetings of at least one hour and participate in normal committee activities on an as needed basis?
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  3. The best time for me to attend a committee meeting is:
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  4. On which committees are you interested in serving?
    (Please select a maximum of 2 committees)


    • Coordinates and presents consistent NETWORK communications to the meetings community.
    • Oversees all aspects of the NETWORK’s marketing, public relations and communication efforts.
    • Proofs, designs and produces all communication and marketing materials for all committees and events.
    • Maintains consistency of the NETWORK’s brand.
    • Markets the NETWORK’s presence at industry events.
    • Ensures that the NETWORK website is up to date with the most current information, in addition to managing the NETWORK’s social media presence.


    • Prospects for industry suppliers who are interested in forming partnerships with the NETWORK.
    • Updates and maintains sponsorship packages and contacts those interested in sponsorships.
    • Works with the other committees to obtain in-kind and hard dollar sponsorships for events.
    • Reports to the NETWORK’s Board of Directors on fundraising goals and priorities that support the association’s strategic plan and financial plan.

    The NETWORK Hour Committee

    • Organize a “meet up” of NETWORK members and industry professionals.
    • Research and select a “meet up” location.
    • Communicate time, location, and special arrangements to the marketing committee.

    March & May Events Committee

    • This committee will coordinate pre & day of logistics
    • Works with the marketing committee to present the event to the Network.
    • Manages AV/speaker and presentation requirements.
    • Sends thank you letters to speakers and sponsors.
    • Manages F&B and coordinates any raffles or giveaways.

    Latino Marketplace Committee

    • Leads, plans, oversees and coordinates all aspects of the tradeshow with the help of the sponsorship and marketing committees.
    • Responsibilities include logistics, registration, coordinating program format and content/education, developing a silent auction, managing sponsors and exhibitors for the tradeshow and post tradeshow follow ups.
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