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Oh No! One of those “Luncheon Meetings!”

In the hospitality and meetings industry we are more than familiar with “luncheon meetings”…

We have luncheon meetings with our staff. We have luncheon meetings with our clients, we have luncheon meetings with our colleagues…so when you get an invitation to once more attend a “luncheon meeting”, one tends to think of another one of those “must be there” or “must make a showing” kind of event…

Recently, I was invited to attend a luncheon meeting of a group of professional meeting planners…but this had a twist to it…it was “Latino” – interesting!

So I attended the Network of Latino Meeting Professionals luncheon and to my very pleasant surprise, it was fun! Not only was there an interesting topic on “negotiating with hotels”, we had a raffle and I won!!

So the following month, I got another invitation to join the Latino Meeting Professionals for a luncheon meeting…again, a most enjoyable and worthwhile event, held in a magnificent setting of a luxury property, a lecture and slide presentation, lots to learn and lots of nice and fun people to meet, and by the way, the membership is open to all and not just Latino!

I must say, in my experience of many moons in this industry, I have had and still have numerous memberships to different organizations, and I am a guilty absentee for many monthly meetings, but I can truly say that my experience in attending the monthly meeting of the Network of Latino Meeting Professionals has been worth my time and I look forward to the coming months!!

Kudos to Jeannette Gonzalez for her forward vision and her team of industry professionals who together started this group and has since seen the monthly growth in attendance. We have here a network of peers whose goal and purpose is to watch out for one another and share their skills and expertise for the betterment of each other!

Tisa Nava
Independent Meeting Planner
Conference Direct