Thank You from Capital Hotels & Suites

Letter to the Board,

Thank you for inviting me to attend the luncheon meeting of the NLMP. This newly created organization created by Latinos and industry partners with an interest in furthering the development of Latino meeting planners into leadership oriented professionals, is impressive in its own right starting from the stated mission it has undertaken.

As I see it, this organization will have the ability to leverage existing talent from practicing Latino and other mainstream professionals, with the goal to seek and utilize the latest industry modalities and technology toward the furtherance of other Latinos that have selected “meeting planning” as a chosen career, while maintaining the richness of our diverse cultures.

NLMP has the potential to serve as a model of self determination and self development, as it clearly addresses the lack of diverse thinking and sensitivity in mainstream organizations that for either lack of interest or foresight have not addressed the issues of this meteoric growing market. NLMP recognizes the growing economic buying power of the Latino community at large. More importantly these are professionals have come together to work with each other seeking to earn business acumen through performance not “pala” or ethnic nepotism.

Latinos as well as other ethnic groups conduct business in a more culturally ethnocentric manner, issues of family values, friendship, entertainment, food, sharing and commitment are unique amongst the varying populations that co-exist in this country, and yet most mainstream organizations are indifferent or ignorant of these differences or nuances. As we turn to a global economy and ease access to world markets this organization can serve as a model for creating greater knowledge and ability to forging lasting and mutually profitable working relationships with those that are different.

This organization was created it appears as the result of introspection by looking within and identifying needs of Latinos in the meetings industry and the Latinos they serve or by using this experience and knowledge in mainstream organizations that for what ever reason, benefit from a heavy dosage of “sabor”(flavor).

It would have been great to have an organization like this 35 years ago, but it is here, now, serving as a voice of diversity and inclusion to claim its place in the professional circles it serves. Thank you for the vision.

Hector J. Torres
Vice President
Capital Hotels & Suites